• KD Chem dreams of taking a new leap.
  • JK Red

    · Passionate, Active, Energetic

      C 0      M 100   Y 90   K 0
      R 236  G 26    B 46
  • JK Orange

    · Customer-oriented, Respect

       C 0       M 70    Y 100    K 0
       R 242   G 111    B 32
  • JK Yellow

    · Warm, Optimistic

       C 0       M 45      Y 100   K 0
       R 248   G 155    B 27
  • CI Concept
    • KD Chem dreams of taking a new leap,

      The symbol expresses dynamic shapes of wings, pinwheel, and flight, with the inspiration from the letters J and K,  
      J and K are the initial letters of JaKang Group - the mother company of KD Chem Co., Ltd.  
      The dynamic shapes represent the JaKang family members, who are not complacent but eager to leap forward
      for the future, and who are passionate and challenge-driven.
      JK Color Variation denotes the dynamic and customer-oriented Corporate Identity of KD CHEM.
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