• KD CHEM keeps working hard to continue Sustainable Growth through Fair and Transparent competition.
  • We observe related laws and commercial practices and respect the public order of the free-competition market.
    KD CHEM adheres to all related laws and commercial practices relating to its business activities,
    respects the public order of a free-competition market and competes with others in a fair and transparent manner.

    Transparent management and sincere tax payment
    KD CHEM seeks to make contribution to national development through business.
    KD CHEM works hard to practice ethical and transparent management.
    We promise that we will keep doing our best to become a trusted and reliable company.

    • Declaration of Ethics Management
      The Chairman of KD-CHEM declared ‘ethics management’ in March 2012.
      The management and employees of the company follow fair
      and transparent management according to ethical values and continue to
      endeavor to fulfill their social responsibilities.
    • Standards of Ethical Conduct
      KD CHEM enacts and executes a ‘Standards of Ethical Conduct’.

    • Internal Accounting Control System
      KD CHEM records and manages all transactions in an accurate manner to
      ensure accounting transparency. For this, we comply with accounting-related laws
      and international accounting standards. In addition, we manage and
      check all related records through the internal accounting control system.
      Furthermore, we have dutifully given notice of our accounting information
      and major business management issues in accordance with the related laws.
    • Best Taxpayer
      KD CHEM has worked hard for transparent management and sincere tax payment.
      Thanks to these efforts, we were awarded ‘Commendation of Dutiful Tax Payer’
      in 2009 and ‘Commendation of Best Tax Payer’ in 2005 and 2014.