• KD Chem has launched environmentally friendly stabilizers in accordance with the trend toward greener products,
      continually reducing or eliminating harmful and possibly harmful raw materials.

      These stabilizers provide our customers with similar levels of performance compared to the traditional systems
      while protecting the environment.
    • Products
    • Division Phenol-free Stabilizers Low Odor Stabilizers
      S-PVC Ba-Zn LOX-101PF, LOX-103PF Ba-Zn LOX-101PF, LOX-103PF, LOX-208H, LOX-386L, LOX-110NH, LOX-901NH
      Ca-Zn LTX-200PF Ca-Zn LTX-200PF, LTX-620N, LTX-630M, LTX-630Q, LTX-630T
      E-PVC Ba-Zn LOX-800PF Ba-Zn LOX-800PF, LOX-800NH
      Ca-Zn LTX-900PF, LTX-900NH
      Ca-Zn LTX-900PF K-Zn LFX-800, LFX-290H
      Na-Zn LFX-900