• KD CHEM’s R&D Institute has concentrated on
    R&D activities to evolve into a global leader in PVC Stabilizers
    and additive industries.
    • Since its establishment in 1986, KD CHEM has secured its leading position in the domestic organic liquid stabilizer market through unceasing R&D activities.
      Based on the success in the domestic market, we have grown into a global leader.

      KD CHEM’s R&D Institute was founded in 1990. Since then, it has accumulated a high level of expertise in PVC stabilizers as well as in PVC processing.

      The competitiveness of KD CHEM is in its manufacturing techniques, and in technical consulting.
    • Environmentally-friendly Stabilizer Manufacturing Technology
      KD CHEM has been a frontrunner in environmentally-friendly stabilizer technology and developed various types of environmentally-friendly stabilizers, which are almost similar to the conventional stabilizers in terms of performance.
      We welcome you to compare KD CHEM’s environmentally-friendly and low-odor stabilizers against the conventional ones!
      Technical Consulting – Total Solution Provider
      With more than 30 years of experience and knowhow,
      we have maintained a high level of expertise in PVC stabilizers as well as in PVC processing.
      Based on such expertise, we provide technology consulting as a total solution provider
      that handles our customers’ diverse processing-related issues as well as the supply of PVC stabilizers.

      If you have any questions and problems regarding PVC processing, feel free to contact KD CHEM.
      With our advanced professionalism and expertise, we will take care of it right away.
  • KD CHEM’s R&D Institute will sincerely answer your inquiries on the following.
    • - Roles and features of PVC Stabilizers

      - PVC Additives
        (lubricants, UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants, plasticizers)
    • - PVC Processing Methods
        (extrusion, injection, dipping, slush-molding, coating, etc.)

      - Other Issues
        (heat resistancy, suspension, emulsion grade processing, printing, etc.)
  • Please contact us for inquiries on processing, new products and technical issues.
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